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Green Girl Garden Consult & Design 


Picking plants and designing a landscape can be daunting and time consuming, particularly if you're not sure where to start. We can help lighten up your space, restaurant, rental or Airbnb property, home garden or anywhere you spend a lot of time.

Green Girl Garden will come to your space, evaluate your existing style, lighting conditions and capacity of care, and curate a plant prescription to improve your aesthetic and time in your space. We focus on native and pollinator-friendly plants. We strive to make sustainable changes to your landscape- we want them to last.

We advise on, design and build raised beds for edible gardening, as well as in ground vegetable and herb gardens. We offer seed starting, planting, care and maintenance- we love helping people grow their own food. 

Selections, arrangements, flower beds, outdoor or patio containers, window boxes, or terrariums can be maintained by Green Girl for an additional fee.

Initial consultation must be conducted on site in one hour time slots; proposals are emailed following consult. 

Email to schedule a consult

Property/Landscape Clean out

If you're not ready for a newly planted landscape or garden, because you need the old one cleaned out, we can help you get your fresh start. In person consults, with an estimate to follow, will get you back to zero on an overgrown landscape you inherited from your home or rental property's previous owners.

Community Supported Agriculture- CSA

For Spring 2023- CSA shares of weekly produce, herbs and cut flowers all grown in Anderson Township. Shares are available for purchase now in our online shop! 

We offer 4 share sizes that run like a gift card- you shop what and when you like from our emailed offerings, and pick up on designated pick up days. 

Delivery is available for an additional fee- depending on your zip code; shares will be available for pick up in Anderson Township near Coney Island. Shares include locally grown seasonal produce, herbs and cut flowers. 

We will have seasonal education classes as part of your investment, open to members and their families; membership work dues are 2 hours per month in the garden- planting, watering, weeding, harvesting- to be scheduled with a member of our team. 

Each week you'll receive a recipe card and your harvest will be packaged in a sustainably sourced and reusable wooden basket that is yours to keep. 

Head over to the shop page to secure your share now and make an investment in your health & well being you will be thankful for later.



Left: working with a clean slate, we transformed the sloped bed into a pollinator and native plant oasis, and added a low retaining wall to help keep everything in place (Right)

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